Lillians Crochet Quilt

I’ve know Sam since 8th grade, thats 14 years! We’ve bonded over coloring our hair funky colors, our love for classic rock & new metal and the movie ‘The Other Sister’. She’s one of those friends that looks on the bright side of every situation but also listens when it’s time to vent. The kind that no matter how busy life gets, we can always pick up where we left off. She is such a wonderful human being (one of my favs) and will be a speculator mother!

I’m excited to say I have made this blanket with her bundle of joy as my inspiration! Sam and Eric will be welcoming a baby girl into the world this Winter and her name is, you may have already guessed, Lillian!

Sammy (as I like to call her) has taken up the hobby quilting in the last year, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate that style into this blanket. Hence the name ‘crochet quilt’!

I used one cake of Lion Brand Yarn Mandala in colorway ‘Pegasus’ and my trusty size H Susan Bates hook. Instead of going the stripes route with this self-striping yarn, I created twenty 5×5 squares and connected them at the very end. Then with the left over yarn I single crocheted a simple border.

The end result is a sweet, cozy, little 20in x 20in blanket, perfect for the car, stroller or even a security blanket!

Yarn: Lion Brand Mandala in Pegasus – 1 skein

Hook: Size H(5mm)

Darning Needle

US Terms/Stitches Used:

SC – Single Crochet

DC – Double Crochet

SK ST- Skip Stitch

CH- Chain

BLO – Back Loop Only

Shell Patch: 

Foundation (must be multiples of 6 plus 1):

Ch 24 + 1 (25 total)

Row 1: SC in 2nd CH from the hook, *SK 2 ST, 5DC in next ST, SK 2 ST, SC in next ST* Repeat until end of row

Row 2: CH 2, turn, 3DC in same ST, *SK 2 ST, SC in next ST, SK 2 ST, 5DC in next* Repeat until end of row – End row with 3DC in last ST

Row 3: Ch 1, turn, SC in same ST, *SK 2 ST, 5DC in next ST, SK 2 ST, SC in next ST* Repeat until end of row

Row 4-12: Alternate Rows 2 and 3 until you have a total of 12 rows

Row 13: CH 1, turn, SC into next ST, SC until end of row, fasten off and leave a fairly long tail! (You will use this to sew the patches together at the very end!)

Ridge Patch (HDC in Back Loop Only):


CH 24 + 1 (25)

Row 1: SC in 2nd CH from the hook, SC of each ST until the end of the row

Row 2-12: CH 2, turn, HDC in BLO of same ST, HDC in BLO of each ST until end of the row

Fasten off and leave a fairly long tail! (You will use this to sew the patches together at the very end!)


 I highly recommended blocking each patch so they measure 5 inches by 5 inches!

Once patches are blocked and dried you will use the tails you left to whip stitch each patch together.

I found it easiest to work from left to right, turning the patches in different directions to use the yarn tail to stitch. (If a tail wasnt long enough I would use the leftover yarn to fill spaces)

After all patches are stitched together, attached yarn to one corner and SC around the entire border. You can SC under the nearest stitch for a clean border or if you would like it to have the “stitched” look, SC the next row down. Once you reach your starting corner, ch 1, SC in next ST and SC around one last time. Fasten off and weave in any leftover ends!

I hope you like it Sammy! Congratulations on creating your beautiful baby girl, you’re going to be the best Mama!!!


Hello, I’m Taylor! I’m an Army wife, boy mom and lover of all things crafty! I especially love crochet and anything pertaining to yarn :) I am excited to share my crochet patterns and other DIY tips here on Bodhi Life Creations!



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