Easy Baby Car Seat Strap Covers – Free Crochet Pattern!

This quick, versatile pattern is made with soft, breathable yarn to keep baby comfy and will go perfect with any bootie and beanie set!Β I personally used Loops & Threads Capri and it made very plush covers. To me, this yarn feels like those ‘aloe infused’ socks you see at Walgreens and CVS! It comes in little 1.7oz (87 yards) skeins and is made of 57% cotton, 28% nylon and 15% polyester. If this yarn isn’t available to you, I recommend using a medium weight (4) cotton or cotton blend!

You could also add additional colors and really customize each set!


Loops & Threads Capri 1 skein

Hook: US-I (5.5mm)

Darning Needle

Velcro Strips (3 1/2 in x 3/4 in)

Needle and Thread

Measurements of finished work:



Car Seat Strap Covers (make 2):

Row 1: Ch 27, HDC in 2nd ch from the hook, HDC across (25 st)

Row 2-13:Ch 2, turn, HDC in same stitch, HDC across *Repeat for 13 rows total*

Fasten off and weave in ends with darning needle.


-Gather 4 strips of Velcro, needle and thread.

-The type of Velcro I used was for ‘general purpose’ and showed examples of hanging signs on doorways, they are flexible and have adhesive 0n one side. With one strap cover laying on a table, arrange first velcro strip to the left of the cover about 1/4 inch from the edge. Press firmly. Gently flip over the cover and attached second strip on the right side of the cover, again, about 1/4 inch from the edge.

-Thread your needle and insert into top left cover of the Velcro strip. Stitch along the top, side, bottom and other side of the strip until you get back to where you began. Fasten off and cut the remaining thread. Repeat on second car seat strap cover.

Β Fin! Now you can fold your strap covers and they are ready to go!



Hello, I'm Taylor! I'm an Army wife, boy mom and lover of all things crafty! I especially love crochet and anything pertaining to yarn :) I am excited to share my crochet patterns and other DIY tips here on Bodhi Life Creations!