Pattern Review: Zou The Zebra by Upa! MiGurrumin!

Zou is a curious little Zebra that lives in a big yellow house with a big family! We first came across this show (the UK verison) on YouTube when I was looking for a friendly but short show for my son,Wyatt, to watch. Each episode is  a whopping 11 minutes long. Just enough time to chop up some veggies for dinner or fold some laundry! Wyatt has found some other shows he likes such as Baby Einstein or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but nothing compares to Zou.

Even though the first thing I ever crocheted was a cactus, this was my first real amigurumi project.

First crochet project = this cactus for my neighbor who taught me crochet!

I wanted to take a break from making some sweet clothing patterns (check out my Ice Cream Kimono and The Taylor Vest) and make something for Wyatt. Here is a confession… I learned to crochet when he was just about 10 months old and this is the first thing I’ve ever made for him! We lived in Georgia at the time where it was too freakin’ hot for cute baby booties and beanies. And to be honest, he had so many blankets already I didn’t see the point in adding to the collection (even though I think baby blankets are a very sweet momento!). One day it just hit me, why not search for a pattern for his favorite TV character?? So I went on the holy grail of crochet and knitting patterns, www.Raverly.com and searched Zou the Zebra. That is when I found the pattern by Upa! MiGurrumin! This pattern comes in English and Spanish for about $6!

>>Click here to purchase this Zou the Zebra pattern by Upa! MiGurrumin!<<

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Included with the written instructions are detailed photos that helped me a lot since I am not an experienced amigurumi crocheter! I highly recommend this pattern because it was very easy to follow, even for a beginner like me and it will bring joy to any child who receives the finished product!

Below are my photos of my Zou and a couple videos to show you Wyatts’ reaction when he first received him!

 I waited for my husband to get home from work, put Zou in a box and turned on the TV show while he opened the box.

It took him a few minutes of looking back and forth from the show to his new toy, but he finally warmed up and gave him lots of snuggles! He kept saying “See?? See?? Its cuuuute!”

So go check out Zou the Zebra on YouTube or Hulu or Disney Junior then make your little one a toy they’ll love forever! Thank you Upa! MiGurrumin! for the amazing pattern!

>>Click here to purchase this Zou the Zebra pattern by Upa! MiGurrumin!<<



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  1. Taylor,
    Nice job on the Zebra! I can only imagine how may moms will want that pattern. I like your creativity and workmanship on the Zebra!

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