How To Create A Magic Circle – Photo Tutorial

When I first began crocheting, I was lucky enough to live next to an expert! Wulfie from the blog Wulfies Essentials was a huge reason I succeeded in learning how to crochet. She would come over for coffee while Wyatt napped and would bring her yarn and hook! One day I found a project I wanted to do that required making a “magic circle” to begin. I searched Pinterest and YouTube and found a few tutorials, but nothing that really made sense to me. After searching I thought, “Wait a second!” and asked her to stop by and show me. Alas, she made it so simple for me to learn I picked it up within a few tries! Β Below are step-by-step photos of what this wonderful woman taught me!

Step 1: Create an X

Step 2: Wrap yarn over the tops of your fingers (not too tight) and hold with your ring finger

Step 3: Insert hook under first layer of yarn and grab the second

Step 4: Pull through

Step 5: Turn hand so your palm is facing you and gently pull your fingers out of the circle

Step 6:Β Yarn over and ch 1 to secure the circle



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