Extra Ramble On

WIP: Circle Vest Part II

**Click HERE for the free crochet pattern**

STILL working on my circle vest pattern! Last night I made a cup of coffee at 7:30pm, put earbuds in and my headlamp on and laid in bed next to my son and crocheted for as long as I could. I am happy with the collar and the design in the middle back BUT it is definitely too short for what I had envisioned.

I also will be sewing the front panels to the collar a bit more so the front drapes better.

Looks like me and my sidekick will be making a trip to Michael’s today for another skein of Lion Brands Heartland yarn in ‘Mammoth Cave’!

Thoughts? Suggestions?

I’m so excited to share this pattern with you guys! Even though its taking me weeks to work out the kinks, I think this is a fairly simple and quick pattern for a garment!


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