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Top 5 Mobile Apps For Crocheters & Knitters!

There is an app for just about everything these days! Whether I want to look up the weight category of a yarn, a certain crochet stitch or need a row counter for a project, I know I have something handy on my smartphone! Here are my top 5 favorite apps that help keep my crochet game strong.

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Michaels Stores: This one may seem obvious to the seasoned crafter but I use it too often to not mention. First off, COUPONS! Michaels always has some glorious coupon that makes checking out after a yarn haul a lot less painful. I also like to use this app to search for weight and suggested hook size for a certain yarn. You can usually find this valuable information in the section labeled ‘description’.

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Stash2Go: This app is for the popular website Raverly! Here you can find all sorts of tools. A library of patterns (some are free!), keep track of your WIPs (work in progress), make a list of what projects you’d like to try next and even inventory your yarn stash!

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Crochet & Knitting Tools: I found this app when looking for a row counter and was pleasantly surprised when I realized it does so much more! Not only can you keep track of your rows, WIPs and your yarn stash but you can also find an international size conversion chart for crochet hooks and knitting needles. In the ‘tools’ section of this app you can also find a list of chart symbols, crochet and knit abbreviations AND a super cool calculator to help you adapt patterns to your needs (number of stitches, rows, skeins and unit converter).

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Craftsy: You can always learn something new! Whether its in a craft you have been enjoying for years or something that gets you out of your comfort zone, Craftsy has a multitude of classes for beginners to experts! When first learning to crochet I purchased “Reading & Understanding Crochet Patterns” with instructor Shannon Mullet-Bowlsby. Although I was fairly good at reading patterns I learned the symbols to diagrams, the importance of blocking your work and also created a beautiful “Modern Sampler Scarf” along with the instructor.

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Bloglovin: This apps name is very fitting because I LOVE Bloglovin’ ! I can now keep up with my favorite blogs ALL IN ONE PLACE while also finding NEW blogs to follow! Before finding this gem I bookmarked all of my favorite blogs and would have to click through each one separatelyΒ to see what was new. Now I can scroll throughΒ a feed of my favorite blogs and also get email notifications! How cool is that?!

What are YOUR favorite apps?? Share in the comments below!

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*I am not affiliated with any of these companies! I chose to feature these because they are the apps I use on a regular basis*


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