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“Strange, What Being Forced To Slow Down Could Do To A Person”

It has been one heck of a week! My son came down with a cold last Wednesday, accompanied by a high fever for the first couple days, which eventually dwindled down to the low grade fever he is dealing with today.  This is only his second time being truly ill (pretty good for turning 2 this July!). It’s been an exhausting time for the entire family. We do all we can to help our little man feel comfortable and recover as quickly as possible. One thing he has consistently demanded, is that I stay by his side pretty much 24/7. This includes lying with me (or on top of me) for the duration of his 2 hour midday nap when I would normally do housework, crochet, call family members etc. He is actually asleep on top of me as I type this!

Knowing this comforts him, I oblige because I want him to feel loved and get as much rest as possible so he can kick this cold to the curb. But and I mean this in the nicest way possible, this grew old very quickly. I have a crochet pattern I’m dying to finish taking photos of, along with a bunch of other things I’d like to check off my to-do list! I set out to finish small bits of the crochet pattern project in between administering meds, using saline and a nasal bulb to clear his tiny nose and failed attempts to get him to eat foods other than cheese and mango. That was about as far as I was able to get and came to realize and accept that it can wait. These moments are fleeting, he won’t want to cuddle forever and he’s only this age once. I believe everything happens for a reason and maybe the universe is telling us both to slow down and recover. Family comes first, especially the health of my son.

So while I soak up all of these cuddles, I have found other ways to use this time wisely! Recently, I started following an expert entrepreneur on Instagram who really gets me pumped up about business opportunities and just life in general! His name is Gary Vaynerchuk aka GaryVee. I began researching him and watched some of his podcasts that are *free* on YouTube! I love his energy and blunt honesty. So much so, I have ordered his book ‘Ask GaryVee‘ and read the 37 page sample on my tablet. I’m telling you this because 1. I have already told my husband (more like told him a dozen times ha!) 2. I’ve told my family and friends and 3. I’m just so excited for this newfound source of motivation for business and life! It’s been a while since I’ve felt this passionate about my craft (hairstyling, fitness, crocheting etc) and I can’t wait to see what I do with the free expert advice I’m going to receive in his book and podcasts.

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So here’s to our children’s health and following our passions! Let’s motivate one another and live this wonderful life we have been given to the fullest! 

-“Strange, what being forced to slow down could do to a person” – quote is by author Nicholas Sparks

-This post is not endorsed by anyone and is a personal experience/opinion/view I wanted to share!


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