How to Crochet a Granny Hexagon – Photo Tutorial

When I first began crocheting, the hexagon always intimidated me. I thought it was going to be too difficult to understand how the shape is created and I should just stick to circles and squares. Well, not anymore! Here is my go-to ‘Granny Hexagon’ with lots of photos to walk you through it!


G Hook (4mm)

Cotton Fair Yarn (I used ‘Bright Peach’ and ‘White’)


Darning Needle

Stitches/Terms Used:

Slip Stitch (SS)

Chain (Ch)

Double Crochet (DC)

Magic Circle (MC)

Shell Stitch: 3DC, Ch 2, 3DC

To Begin:

Magic Circle, Ch 1 to secure

Round 1: Ch 3 (this will count as your first DC)

5DC into the MC (6DC total)

Pull loop closed, SS to top of Ch 3

Round 2: Ch 3, 2DC in same stitch (3DC total), Ch 1, 3DC in each stitch until the end

SS to the top of Ch 3 (you should now have 6 groups of 3DC)

Round 3: Change color: SS into a chain space (not a stitch), Ch 3, 2DC in same stitch (3DC total), Ch 2, 3DC into same stitch. Ch 1, 3DC into next chain space, Ch 2, 3DC in same chain space *Repeat in each chain space until the end (*If you do not want to change colors, slip stitch into the following stitches until you reach a chain space, slip stitch into that chain space and begin the shell with the Ch 3*)

After the last “shell”, Ch 1, SS to the top of Ch 3

Round 4: SS into the next 2 st, then SS into the following chain space, this is where you will begin your next “shell”

Ch 3, 2DC in same chain space, Ch 2, 3DC in same chain space, Ch 1

3DC into next chain space (this will create the flat side of the hexagon) Ch 1, repeat “shell” into the next corner chain space *Repeat until the end

After the last 3DC in the chain space, Ch 1, SS into the top of Ch 3

And there you have it! The crochet Granny Hexagon in all its glory!

Once you are finished, it is best toΒ block and pin them to a foam board so they are the exact shape you want!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Please comment below or email me with any questions you may have!


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