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Mindful Monday: Persistence

Happy Monday everyone! Are you ready for the new week and new month?? Here’s an inspirational quote to light that fire under your bottom!

First, a little about the author of this fantastic quote. Here is an excerpt from James N Watkins website that will help you get to know him a little better…

Jim is an award-winning author of over 20 books and 2,000 articles, who has spoken across the United States and overseas. He has served as an editor and editorial director at Wesleyan Publishing House, an editor with the American Bible Society, taught writing at Taylor University for 15 years, and has guest-lectured at Liberty, Regent and other universities. He is currently writing and speaking full-time as well as editing for ACW Press and other clients. His most important roles, however, are being a child of God, husband, dad and “papaw.”

When the going gets tough, ya gotta keep goin! Change is what happens when you are persistent and break through the obstacles that you may face on your path to your goal(s). Just as when you are wanting to build muscle, you want to feel that burn because that is when you are really challenging yourself and your muscles and will experience growth!

Some tips to keep up your persistence:

  • Have an accountability buddy! Someone who has similar goals and a drive to achieve them. Make a point to talk and meet up weekly!
  • Watch/read/listen to podcasts and articles often to keep the motivation fresh. (Ted Talks are very popular! Click here to check them out!)
  • Set short term along with your long term goals. Setting short term goals will help you feel accomplished and keep you on track to the main/long term goal.

If you are feeling discouraged, remember you are not alone! Keep up the hard work, it will pay off!!

(Photo credit: My dad on a hike in beautiful state of Colorado! Thanks for letting me use this photo Pops!)


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