Practicing Mindfulness

Mindful Monday: You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup

Self-love can feel selfish if it is a foreign concept to you, when in reality, it is actually the complete opposite. Although I plan to teach my son to help others whenever possible, I will also teach him to take care of himself first. Since he was born in the summer of 2015 my brain switched gears immediately. The first week of his life I slept for 30 minutes at a time and would wake in panic to check on him to make sure he was alright. After a long, tiring week I finally broke down. I admitted to my husband how I was avoiding sleep because I was afraid something terrible would happen. Being the amazingly loving husband and father that he is, he stayed up all night that night so I could feel safe enough to sleep! The following morning I realized how exhausted I was and came to the conclusion that I needed to take care of myself, so I could provide the best care for our newborn son. In the same breath, that was not the last time I came to this conclusion. As a parent I strive to do whatever is best for my child but sometimes get caught up in my own thoughts and ideas of how things should be. I would (still sometimes) rush to get our morning chores/activities done before nap time rolls around and end up forgetting to drink enough water or eat more than just a bagel! This neglect leaves my body feeling weak and tired and not well prepared for the rest of the day. This is only one of the many reasons I need to be more mindful when it comes to self-love. If y0u have read some of my other Mindful Monday posts you may see that I love making lists to aid me in my mindfulness journey. With that said, I suggest you make a list! Preferably a short one, with all the things that make you feel good and loved and make sure you do these things every single day. I will be adding yoga sun salutations in the morning, moon salutations in the evening and drinking at least 64 ounces of water per day to mine!

It’s time you make yourself a priority!

How full is your cup right now?

What will you add to your self-love list??


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