My Science Experiment: Which Product Stiffens Yarn The Best?

There are many more products than just these 3 to help you stiffen your yarn for whatever project you are working on. These popped into my head because they are some of (in my opinion) the most accessible ones on the market! I chose to experiment with equal parts Elmers glue & water, Faultless spray starch and Mod Podge ‘Stiffy.

To begin I needed some yarn to stiffen! I chose Lily Sugar n Cream 100% cotton yarn in white and crocheted a basic circle with single crochet stitches and double crochet stitches. I then gently washed them in cool water with a gentle soap and pinned them to my blocking board to dry for the next 24 hours. Blocking your finished product ensures they will appear more uniform in shape.

Once these bad boys were dry, it was time to test!

With equal parts Elmers glue & water (aka homemade Mod Podge) in a bowl, I dipped the first crochet circle and made sure to really saturate it for even distribution. After wiping the excess product off the circle, I pinned it to the foam blocking board and moved onto the Mod Podge Stiffy where I used the same method (and forgot to take a picture, whoops!). Lastly, I sprayed the remaining crochet circle with the Faultless spray starch and pinned it onto the board. Now that all the products were applied and pinned, it was time to wait again!


Can you guess which product had the hardest finish??


Third place….

The spray starch was, by far, the cleanest and easiest application method BUT as you can see in the photo it was still very pliable. This isn’t a bad thing though, being slightly stiffened yet pliable may be the exact texture you need for some projects!

Second place….

This combination was a little more messy but had a significantly harder finish than the spray starch. It was hard to bend (I barely could at all) but it also wasn’t as hard as a rock.

First place….

Mod Podge Stiffy lived up to it’s word, to say the least! I was on the phone with my mom while taking these photos when she asked which worked the best. Explaining that the Mod Podge made the circle as hard as a rock I said, “well actually, just listen” and tapped the circle against the table so she could hear the ‘knock knock‘. If you are looking for the strongest method of stiffening for your yarn, this is your product! *The bottle states ” Create permanent fabric projects quickly and easily using Stiffy Fabric Stiffner with most fabrics – cotton, synthetics, blends. Create beautiful fabric bows. Stiffen needlework. Add lace, ribbon and trims to craft projects. Mold or drape doilies and lace. May be thinned with water to achieve various degrees of stiffness.”*

I conducted this experiment because I have been interested in stiffening different shapes of yarn in order to create something new! Check back to my blog to see what it is!

What products do you use to stiffen yarn? What do you do with the finished product?? Please comment below to share!


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