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Mindful Monday: Do Not Let The Behavior Of Others Destroy Your Inner Peace

Welcome to week 3 of Mindful Monday!

Today is a well known quote by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

I often see this on Pinterest or Instagram and I’m always glad because it never fails to hits home. Last week we discussed not letting your feelings control you in “Feelings are just visitors“. This week we want to be mindful about how we are able to control our reactions to other people’s behaviors and save our inner peace.

One of the most common places we tend to lose our cool is traffic. Everyone is thinking about their destination or what they have to do once they get there. Next thing you know, someone cuts you off and barely misses hitting your car. You let out a loud gasp (and perhaps a profanity or two😄)! Now, this is where we want to be mindful. Do you flip them the bird and speed up to get on their tail? Or do you accept that just occured and continue practicing safe driving for yourself and your fellow commuters? It wasn’t the nicest thing for that person to do and it did put you and other drivers at risk of being in an accident but you thankfully were not in an accident and are in a new moment. If you react with spiteful acts and hold onto this anger you’re hurting yourself more than the person who cut you off. What you can do instead is choose to take the high road (pun intended) and take a deep breath, recognize the situation is over, be grateful you and others around you are unharmed, and move on with your day.

Another scenario that you may run into is in the workplace. If you work in customer service, you may want to print and post this quote somewhere you and your co-workers can see it often! Dealing with an angry customer can either be a painstaking task or an opportunity to practice. Sometimes these customers can make it seem like you are the cause of all their problems. No matter how they act you have the choice to let it ruin your day (🎶your week, your month or even your yearrr🎶 anyone else singing the Friends theme song??) or respond with kindness and compassion and keep your day flowing.

Is there a place where you can practice this quote? Or even with a certain person?

Be kind, be compassionate and let yourself enjoy the precious time we have on this planet.

Thank you for joining me for another week of Mindful Monday! Please share this with someone who needs it!

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