My Favorite Crochet Tools – What’s In Your Tool Kit?

My Favorite Crochet Tools – What’s In Your Tool Kit?

Everyone has their preference in the arts & crafts world. Whether its crocheting, knitting, weaving or other crafts such as wood working and jewelry making. There are so many options! I thought it would be fun to post about my favorite tools and in return, ask what your favorites are??


Who doesn’t love a pretty notebook?? This is where I jot down steps to patterns and inspiration for patterns! Above is a 2B graphite drawing pencil. I usually use this pencil to sketch ideas and write short notes. For longer pattern writing, Ill opt for a pen.

My favorite hooks, hands down, are Susan Bates. These are plastic and aluminium. They glide easily through almost any type of yarn and the point at the tip of the hook helps grab ahold without slipping.

I typically choose to work with chunkier yarns but when a pattern calls for smaller hooks I use my Boye ergonomic crochet handle. It is much more comfortable than trying to grip a tiny hook and also improved my speed!

These tiny tools are essential. I use Susan Bates finishing needles (top left) because the eye runs along the length of the needle. This allows me to weave in very short ends of yarn. The Clover cutting pendant (top middle) is super nifty. I feel safer using this instead of scissors with my toddler running around and grabbing everything in sight! This pendant is super sharp and travel friendly. The Boye stitch markers (top right) help me keep track when I am stitching in the round and clamp shut easily so I’m not fumbling around. And last but not least, my dollar store measuring tape (bottom). This came in a sewing kit from Dollar Tree and just like the cutting pendant, very travel friendly!

Where does one keep all of these small and slim tools?? In a case, of course! I scored this Damero hook case on Amazon for around 10 bucks!

These aren’t ALL of my tools but they are the ones I use most often and couldn’t go without.

What is your craft? What’s in your tool kit? Share in the comments below!



Hello, I'm Taylor! I'm an Army wife, boy mom and lover of all things crafty! I especially love crochet and anything pertaining to yarn :) I am excited to share my crochet patterns and other DIY tips here on Bodhi Life Creations!


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  1. I’ve been curious about the cutting pendant and the Boye ergonomic handle! I’ve had both of them in my Amazon cart on several occasions, I’ll definitely add them to my arsenal now! Two of my favorite crochet hooks are plastic ones with no numbers or letters on them indicating size but they were my grandma’s, they fit in my hand nicely and glide through and grab yarn perfectly. My other two favs are my bamboo handled Susan Bates hooks, no hand cramping and they are super smooth. I’ve been scouring Amazon for good cases too, my tools are so unorganized. Good post, thanks for the info!

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