Diamond Mesh Crop Top – Free Crochet Pattern

While standing in awe in the yarn aisle at MichaelsΒ (So. Much. Yarn! 😍), I recently found Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn and was immediately drawn to it because of its tubular structure. It is 72% cotton to 28% nylon, so it has this soft, yet durable texture and also comes in big 8.8oz skeins! I’ve seen many patterns for blankets, pillows and other home decor items using this yarn, but barely any with clothing. The plump tubular structure calls for a larger hook (recommended U.S. L hook), making projects super quick. I have used 100% cotton yarns in the past for crop tops and love the look but the lack of stretch sometimes bothers me.

Try this pattern with this yarn and you will see what I’m talking about when it comes to a comfy crop top!

**This pattern will fit anywhere from a 32A to 36B. To adjust size, chain as many as you need to cover the front of your chest. Add as many rows as you need to Step 2 to cover breasts until nipple height. When you decrease make sure the last row has an even multiple of 4 stitches left for the Diamond Mesh pattern. Continue with diamond mesh pattern as usual. If you need help please comment below!)**

Skill level:Β Beginner

Time it takes: 1-1 1/2 hours


Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn (This color is Cream – Yarn Weight: 5)

Size J hook (I love Susan Bates hooks!)



Β Β Β Β Β Β 

Step 1: Ch 41, SC 2nd ch from hook, SC across

Step 2: Ch 1, turn, SC across * repeat for 14 rows

Step 3: Turn work, do not ch, skip first stitch, SC in next st (to decrease), SC across * repeat for 9 rows

Step 4: Turn work, do not ch, sc in first stitch, sc until the end

Diamond Mesh:

For the diamond mesh we will need to work in multiples of 4, plus 1

In your last row you should now have 21 stitches left

Step 4: Ch 1, SC in same st

Step 5: Ch 5, sk 3 st, SC in 4th st until the end

Step 6: Ch 5, turn, SC in 3rd st (in the chain you made previously)* repeat until the last sc

Β Step 7: After the last sc,Β ch 2, DC last st

Β Step 8: Ch 1, turn, SC in same st, Ch 5, SC in 3rd st of next ch * repeat until the end

Step 9: Ch 5, turn, SC in 3rd st of next ch * repeat until the end, last st ch 2, DC in last st

Step 10: SC around the entire piece. When you get back to the top of the mesh I would SC 2 into each mesh space then SC in the st between the mesh spaces. Slip stitch, weave in ends.

Step 11: Top Straps: Attach yarn to the top corners, Ch 60, SS (both sides)

Bottom Straps: Attach yarn to bottom corners, Ch 60, SC back towards the crop top, slip stitch to join.

Below is another way of doing your straps! I made 2 chains of 100, tied one to the 14th row on each side, crossed them over to the opposite side and weaved them through the bottom

Please ask any questions you may have in the comments below or email me!


Hello, I'm Taylor! I'm an Army wife, boy mom and lover of all things crafty! I especially love crochet and anything pertaining to yarn :) I am excited to share my crochet patterns and other DIY tips here on Bodhi Life Creations!