Rustic Coaster – Free Crochet Pattern

Need a fun but quick project? Getting burned out making ear warmers and mittens? I love creating all things cozy as much as the next maker! But after our first Winter here in Colorado I found myself searching for a little pick-me-up project. I also needed it to be fairly quick so I could work on it during naptime. After rummaging around in my 2 bins of yarn I grabbed Lily sugar n cream cotton yarn and Ashland jute twine.

Cotton yarn is one of my favorite fibers. Its easy to work with and the textures it creates are interesting and unique..and jute twine is just cool looking! ๐Ÿ˜„

These coasters could be a neat house warming gift or a way to add a bit of rustic style to your home! This is a great project for beginners who want to practice crocheting in the round. I have also included a free PDF of the pattern below!

ย If you would like a video of this pattern please comment!

<<FREE Rustic Coaster Crochet Pattern PDF>>

Skill level: Beginner

Time it takes:ย 15-30 minutes (depending on skill level)


Hook size I (5.50 MM)

Lily Sugar n Cream yarn in white (Yarn Weight: 4)

Ashland jute twine

Sewing needle

Craft scissors

Stitches used:

Magic circle (MC)

Single crochet (SC)

Double crochet (DC)

Slip stitch (SS)

Magic circle (MC), Ch 1

SC 6 in MC, SS to close

Ch 3 (this will be first DC)

DC in first st

2DC in each st

SS into first st to close

Ch 1, SC in same st

2SC in each st until the end, SS to first st to close

Ch 3, DC in next st

2 DC in each st until the end, SS to close, tie off and leave a long enough tail to weave in

Join jute twine directly under where you tied off

1 SC in each st until the end, SS to close, tie off, leave long enough tail to weave in

Weave in ends


Hello, I'm Taylor! I'm an Army wife, boy mom and lover of all things crafty! I especially love crochet and anything pertaining to yarn :) I am excited to share my crochet patterns and other DIY tips here on Bodhi Life Creations!